5 things to do with your family on Chardham Yatra

One of the best ways to enjoy time with your family members is taking them on a fun vacation. There is nothing more appealing than a Chardham yatra in the most beautiful state of Uttarakhand. This state has some of the most beautiful landscapes, great food, and enticing weather. There are several stunning places that will leave you amazed.

Chardham Yatra is not a plain pilgrimage; it is a spiritual journey that brings the members of a family together and creates in them memories to hold them forever. One of the tourist spots of Uttarakhand is Chardham, which is situated in the picturesque Uttarakhand hills.

With LIH Travel’s Chardham Yatra by Helicopter package, you can conveniently travel through all the dhams, and you can also engage in sightseeing with your family.

This place is so special that thousands of visitors arrive here annually to fall in love with the splendour of these sites and learn about the history of the place. This article provides guidance on how to make your Chardham Yatra an unforgettable holiday with your family.

Five Best Things To Do During Your Chardham Yatra

1. Visit Various Places During Your Route To Chardham Yatra

Every time we go on a holiday to a specific region, we want to explore more and more places. Interesting places to see while on Chardham yatra.

Some of the places that you can explore during your journey of Chota Char Dham yatra by helicopter:

a. Haridwar and Rishikesh

Your trip to Uttarakhand is incomplete without seeing these two destinations. Be it the special Aarti on the banks of river Ganga or the adventurous sports in Rishikesh, one can enjoy a lot in both these destinations. 

b. Robber’s Cave, Dehradun

Robber’s Cave, also called Gucchu Pani, is a cave formed by a river in the Himalayas. It is located approximately 8 kilometers away from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. If you’re planning a trip to Chardham Yatra, you might want to consider including this cave in your itinerary.

The cave measures about 600 meters in length with two major sections. The cave has a top drop of approximately 10 m. It is a kind of cave that has its own river systems flowing through it.

c. Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

One of the famous places when heading towards your Chardham Yatra is the Kempty Falls. It can be a place to stop by on your way to Yamunotri. It serves as the best picnic spot for families and friends. Enjoy a refreshing bath beneath the pure water of the cascading waterfall. Alternatively, you can indulge in boating at the lakeside.

d. Vasudhara Falls

Uttarakhand boasts incredible destinations that are worth visiting, and one of them is Vasudhara Falls, located close to the sacred city of Badrinath. It is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. This beautiful waterfall pours down at 400 feet, about 122 meters above sea level.

People hold that to savour the purity of the beautiful Vasudhara cascades, one must be free from sin. However, reaching the waterfall needs a 4-5 kilometer trek to complete. But the pure charm and serene air of this waterfall draw nature lovers to this place. 

2. Be part of Ganga Aarti

Ganga aarti is a must thing to do during your Chardham yatra. In the evening, the priests chant hymns (Ganga Aarti) as the sun sets and the atmosphere becomes spiritual. Children and other members of the community can see India’s spiritual side. Moreover, the yatra will cleanse the body and the mind in a peaceful environment.

3. Seek blessings from deities of the Chardham Temples

The main purpose of the yatra is to seek blessing from the divine deities of Uttarakhand. Therefore, travel begins at the first Dham of Yamunotri, which seeks blessings from the goddess Yamuna. After that, you will go to Gangotri, where you will worship Goddess Ganga, and, later, to Kedarnath, where you will worship Lord Shiva. The final leg of the Chardham Yatra is Badrinath to worship Lord Vishnu.

The history and traditions of each temple are enriching. Your family would love to know more. You will bathe in the hot holy springs, and with the LIH Travel helicopter package, you get a VIP darshan. Therefore, you won’t have to stand in a queue there.

4. Nature walks and trekking

The Chardham Yatra not only revives the soul but also affords families the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the Himalayas. The trek to Kedarnath also provides a bonding experience for the adventurous at heart. As a family, you all can challenge yourselves physically and emotionally and conquer the trek together.

5. Paragliding

Fly into the vast sky, admiring the views of the Himalayan valleys. This is the best sport that you can enjoy your holidays in a more exciting manner. The charming beauty of the Himalayas from the air is enough to make you fall in love with the beauty of Uttarakhand. 


So these are just a few things that you can enjoy during your Chardham Yatra. It is important that you plan your Yatra well in advance. Contact the LIH Travel team for Chardham Yatra travel tips and to book helicopter packages or by-road packages.

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