The Benefits of Sending a Virtual Farewell Card: A New way of saying Goodbye

As a consequence of the ongoing evolution of meeting the world’s growing demand for new technologies and services, communication with others is gradually changing as well. One such evolution is the practice of sending out ‘e-cards’ especially in the form of a virtual farewell card rocks and is actually a better way to pass on the messages as compared to the paper cards. The rationale why virtual and more specifically virtual farewell card is fast gaining popularity as well as the benefits associated with this gesture, which this article aims at comparing.

1. Convenience and Accessibility

Probably, virtual farewell cards are the most convenient than anything else that people come across in their lifetime. It can be developed upon and customized as well as transmitted from any location with internet access. This accessibility information is especially important if you are running out of time or live far away from the recipient, nonetheless, you can promptly pass your heartfelt emotions to him or her. This is especially so given the harsh time on time schedules that modern society is characterized by thus making it difficult for individuals to respond to messages using email, phone calls among other means.

2. Environmental Impact

This is particularly beneficial because in the contemporary society that is more sensitive to environmental issues, virtual cards present a good solution to paper virtual cards. The avoidance of traditional farewell cards means that there would be no paper material used, posted or thrown away hence reducing your carbon footprint. This is due to the fact that this decision supports global priorities such as sustainable living, and hence, good environmental practice.

3. Personalization and Creativity

E-Farewell cards are colourful and can be more expressive as compared to physical cards. There are numerous opportunities to view design templates in different sites and fonts as well as to include multiple multimedia materials which allow addressing the recipient as if you know him or her. Using the virtual cards, one gets to make use of own images and videos and not only that but the text also deploys the ability to have one’s own style and color to make the message given by the sender unique and somewhat emotional.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Sending online tickets of farewells is cheaper than affording and sending typical paper Greetings Cards. Since no actual materials are used for virtual cards and the delivery does not involve any cost like printing and postage, dealing with the virtual cards would not cost much money particularly when sending them to several individuals or organizations. This reason makes virtual cards relatively affordable and encourages the more frequent use of the cards irrespective of the unity of use and purpose in both personal and business lives of users.

5. Immediate Delivery and Accessibility

While the physical mail may take days or even weeks in delivery, virtual cards provide for immediacy. This is important since your message will in most cases reach the target immediately and the recipient will be able to receive your best wishes and any feelings you might be passing across. Furthermore, virtual cards can be saved and shared through the internet and this could enable recipients to open it and recall your heartfelt farewell message any time they want.

Once all contributions are in, facilitates the delivery of the group cards in a digital format.

6. International Appeal and Cultural-Tripod Approach

Compared to traditional formats of whiteboarding a message having universal appeal, the concept of virtual farewell cards are unique since they can easily pass geographic barriers as well as cultures. Regardless of the city, country or the continent where your recipient is, virtual cards do allow you convey your farewell message and show our appreciation despite the geographical barrier in space and time. They create globalization as they work towards embracing people from all over the world regardless of color, … This demonstrate how multiculturalism is respected.

7. Interactive and Engaging Features

The climate is new possibilities are presented in the current digital interface which has features such as interactivity for the recipient. These features make it possible to have animated graphics, icons and objects; greetings which are in the form of a digital signature; and audio messages which when combined with the messages delivered in a farewell card, turn the process of sending these farewell cards into an exciting one. Interactivity now does not only address the recipient and grab their attention but also implies creativity and fun to the farewell idea.


Mere sayonara also means saying goodbye, but sending a virtual farewell card means more that is a move from a tradition way of saying goodbye to innovation, thinking green and even about the environment. In this social media age, people can convey their feelings constructively and get in touch with people they cannot be with at the given time and take photos and videos for later. Adopting virtual cards is one of the most appropriate ways to say goodbye since virtual cards are a unique way of saying goodbye appropriate for both personal and professional transitions. Enjoy virtual farewell and make a perfect impression with our greeting cards that you may write today.

Alexander Blitshtein

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