8 Tips for Getting Better Performance From Your BMW

BMW vehicles are known for their speed, comfort, and durability. If you have a BMW vehicle, you can modify it to get a better driving experience. Here are eight tips to get a better BMW performance:

1. Install Exhaust and Intake Systems

When BMW manufactures a vehicle, the company adds exhaust and intake systems to reduce emissions and engine noise. The downside is that these systems can reduce the efficiency of your BMW engine. Upgrading the exhaust system can reduce back pressure and increase the flow of exhaust gasses.

An upgraded intake system sucks in denser air from the outside. Denser air lowers the temperature of the incoming air and increases the throttle response. The upgraded intake system also reduces power wastage. Customize the intake system to suit your specific model of BMW.

2. Add Fuel Injectors

Exhaust and intake system upgrades are usually accompanied by fuel injection upgrades. The fuel injection upgrade is relatively cheaper but can increase the efficiency of your engine. Larger fuel injectors boost the combustion process by creating a favorable oil and air ratio. The result is an increase in engine output.

3. Upgrade to a BMW Engine Filter

The performance of the engine depends on how well air mixes with fuel. If the air is contaminated and has many particles, less air will mix with the fuel, reducing the efficiency of the engine. An aftermarket air filter can trap most contaminants and prevent them from mixing with the fuel. Upgrade the filter to experience enhanced engine efficiency.

4. Consider a Performance Chip

BMW vehicles often have an engine control unit (ECU) that manages the operation of the engine. The ECU can increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions of the engine. Most ECU units prioritize fuel efficiency over the performance of other parts of the vehicle. A performance chip can override the ECU settings so that you can optimize the BMW performance.

5. Reduce the Weight

If your vehicle is unnecessarily heavy, the efficiency of the engine will be lower. The first step is to get lightweight wheels that have low-profile tires. Such wheels reduce unsprung weight and increase handling efficiency when accelerating.

Heavier glass windows offer sound insulation and safety for a vehicle. If these advantages are not of much interest to you, switch to lightweight glass windows. Some of the lighter glass materials include polycarbonate and acrylic. The following replacements can also make your vehicle lighter:

  • Replace steel accessories with aluminum ones
  • Switch to a lightweight lithium-ion battery
  • Remove unnecessary components in your vehicle’s interior
  • Use lighter materials for the door panels, dashboard, and seats

These strategies may eventually help improve the fuel efficiency of your BMW.

6. Go Easy on the Brakes

Rapid acceleration once in a while is not harmful, but engaging in such behavior frequently can reduce the performance of your vehicle. Frequent acceleration and deceleration put immense pressure on the brake rotors. The calibers also wear and tear quickly if you frequently step on the brakes.

The best strategy is to have judicious driving habits. Always accelerate smoothly and then gradually brake. This may not only increase the performance of the brakes but can help make you safer on the road. It may also help your brakes to last longer.

7. Optimize Transmission

If your BMW vehicle uses a manual transmission, thoroughly understand gear shifting. Gear shifting requires skillful movements and synchronized performance. You must engage the clutch at the right level at the right time. Premature or delayed engagement of the clutch can increase the wear and tear of the transmission mechanism.

8. Tune the Vehicle

A professional can tune the vehicle to increase the torque and horsepower. The process usually involves changing the ignition, airflow, and timing for maximum results. It can be beneficial if this process happens annually. Another option is to purchase a piggyback ECU tuning kit. You can plug in this kit anytime to increase torque and horsepower.

Boost Your BMW Performance Today

BMW vehicles can promise luxury, durability, and comfort if you maintain them well. These machines require regular tuning and transmission optimization to perform effectively. You also need to add new features and reduce weight to enhance the BMW’s performance. Search for a BMW performance shop with reputable professionals to make any changes or install updates.


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