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Hey everyone! If you’re keen on learning the Golang programming language, the best way to go about it is by working on projects. Research has proven that the most effective way to learn is by doing, and I can vouch for that based on my own experience. However, the challenge lies in figuring out what kind of projects to tackle.

If you opt for a really tough project, you might find yourself stuck and frustrated, possibly even giving up on both the project and your Golang learning journey. On the other hand, if you choose something too simple, you won’t push yourself enough to learn much. That’s why it’s crucial to select the right project.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some top-notch projects that you can undertake to learn Golang in 2024.

A little About Golang

Before we start diving into some remarkable Golang projects, let me explain what Golang is. The Golang – also known as the Go language – is an open-source programmed language that comprises three basic principles: simplicity, efficiency, and reliability.

In 2007, Google thought of the concept of Go as the first step towards achieving self-sufficient AI. The Google developers considered themselves to be experts and they thought it was too much work because the new language was to be simple and speedy. At that time he, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson formed a team to develop Go.

Go was first designed by one of Google’s engineers. However, it only became open-source in 2012 when Google had the idea to share it with the public. This has led the language to become one the most popular (in the recent past) as well as modern programming languages in the field.

The high-level concept of Golang is building networking or infrastructure-related software. The purpose of it was to substitute high-performance server-side language models of Java and C++. In addition to these features, Go can also be styled as cloud or server application programming.

How to Choose the Right Project?

When you search for Golang Projects With Source Code you will get 1000s of projects. Choosing the right project to learn Golang can indeed make a significant difference in your learning journey. You want something that challenges you enough to learn new concepts and techniques but isn’t so overwhelming that it becomes discouraging. Here are a few project ideas categorized by difficulty level:

Beginner Projects:

  • To-Do List Application: Create an elementary CLI (Command Line Interface) application that allows users to add and delete tasks as well as list them.
  • Simple Web Server: Set up an HTTP server that can be used to serve static files or act as a webpage.
  • Temperature Converter: Write the conversion methods that transform between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Basic Calculator: Build a telecommand calculator that aims to do basic arithmetic operations.

Intermediate Projects:

  • URL Shortener: Design a web service for shortening long URLs to shorter ones, like Bitly or Tiny.
  • File Uploader: Design the website interface to enable users to load and save files on the cloud server.
  • Simple Blog: Design a simple blogging platform to develop, read, modify, and remove posters so that users can contribute.
  • Chat Application: Develop a chat app powered by WebSockets or similar technology for use in real-time during hotlines and counseling sessions.

Advanced Projects:

  • RESTful API: Implement a RESTful architecture for services and applications, involving CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) processes for resources.
  • Blockchain: Construct a blockchain easy to understand, addressing ideas of blocks, hashes, and proof of works.
  • Distributed System: Develop a lattice system that performs the specific task of distributing computing or processing the data across many nodes.
  • Cloud Storage Service: Construct a scalable cloud storage system that allows users to upload and download files with the largest possible data security.

Think carefully about which project to choose, keeping in mind your proficiency in Go and which category of programming you wish to work on to advance your understanding and experience with Go. Don’t persist in starting complex projects without having any knowledge of the language and its ecosystem. Try small projects first and then stretch yourself into the ambiance of the language as you move with time. As well as that, do refrain from using materials such as references and other readings engaged in the course of study as a means of expediting the process. 

3 Best Golang Projects With Source Code Available at OSC

Here we are sharing some easy-to-use and easily available Golang projects!


Memos is the equivalent of your digital notebook that you can reach any time and any place. Being lightweight, it will not bog down your computer or server. And the best part? It’s free all the time, either today or in the future. You can control it to suit your demands as you can opt to either remove what doesn’t satisfy you or add new cool features.

Moreover, it also works with Markdown, hence, you can use attributes like headers, lists, and links to improve the notes. Docker is an amazing tool to use which simplifies self-hosting and makes it easier and quicker to configure. Do you want to see what it looks like? Please, examine the live demo to watch how it functions. And if you need help or if you’d like to talk with other users, the community supports you on Discord or Telegram. No more is managing notes an issue as Memos now enables you to do it straight from your own device.


Tinode is a messaging server where you can send instant messages in a group or in real-time, like WhatsApp or Telegram. It is mainly designed with Go language for the server side of the code, furthermore, it is one of top open source projects, which enables others to view, modify, and distribute the code under the GPL 3.0 license. Those who can use the server to connect to it have client-side bindings available in Java, JavaScript, and Swift, therefore, for the different platforms. Furthermore, the gRPC library has support for enterprise library resources like C++, C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Objective-C, under the Apache 2.0 License.

Messages are sent via JSON over WebSockets while the HTTP long polling option can be employed as a fallback mechanism for custom handlers. Or, you can decide to develop gRPC plus protobuf for better interactivity.


Monetr is a budgeting app that aims to improve the way money-minded people do their routine purchases. It will not cost parameters for the application to be hosted but some documentation would be released for those who want to. Regrettably, the users must log into their Plaid accounts and transmit the corresponding financial data to their bank account in order to link their bank accounts.

The application still stays in the raw phase of development reflecting a lot of updates and refinement. Seems like it getting through its alpha testing phase as the latest version is being constantly improved. Monetr is focused on making budgeting simpler and less complicated for users by providing them with tools to track and plan their local recurring expenses, but if progress is the word, it’s early days.

Final Thoughts

Great! It sounds like you have been through this comprehensive program of Golang starter projects that assist in beginning their education process. Sharing this list with friends and family who are interested in learning Go programming can certainly be helpful. Additionally, offering assistance and answering any questions or doubts they may have about Golang can further support their learning process. The benefits of the comments section and the development of a learning culture within a group drive the process to become more interesting and enjoyable. Well done on the attempt with Golang education!

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