Buy TV at Manh Nguyen Optimizing costs, leading technology

Most consumers think that high-end TV lines such as Sony, LG, and Samsung,… have high costs. However, when buying a TV at Manh Nguyen, you will get quality, reputable products, imported genuine with labels, but the cost is up to 30% cheaper than the market thanks to the sales model at the warehouse.

Manh Nguyen electronics supermarket with sales model at the warehouse, “say no to virtual prices”

Sales Model at the Warehouse – Say NO to Virtual Prices

Manh Nguyen is known for his special warehouse sales model. Thanks to this direction, Manh Nguyen has optimized most of the operating costs such as renting exhibition space, and hiring staff,… Moreover, being one of the units that distribute a large number of products. such as Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic,… at the company, Manh Nguyen always enjoys preferential prices, up to 30% lower than the market price.

Customers who choose to buy Manh Nguyen are completely secure with the quality because all products here all information about the product’s origin, price, and accompanying incentives are publicly transparent and accurate on the system. Manh Nguyen commits to “say no to virtual prices”, there is no ambiguity about prices to attract customers.

Manh Nguyen always focuses on the customer factor, so as to capture the majority of customers’ needs in the market. The unit has added the Tivi Smart Sony segment, with a variety of modern product lines, and a series of advanced features for users to easily choose.

Some Sony TV products at Manh Nguyen are discounted up to 30% thanks to the sales policy at the warehouse

Maximize savings when buying a TV at Manh Nguyen Electronics

Thanks to the application of selling at the warehouse, Manh Nguyen’s TV products are discounted by up to 30% compared to the company and outside the market. In addition, Manh Nguyen also supports customers with a policy of free shipping and home installation within a 10km radius of Hanoi city, minimizing costs incurred when choosing to buy and install TVs.

Detailed information about the price of TV product models is clearly and accurately disclosed by Manh Nguyen

Shop With Peace of Mind at Manh Nguyen

100% TVs at Manh Nguyen with genuine warranty: Customers will not have to worry about repairing TVs or searching for a service center. Because Manh Nguyen supports providing customer information and product status to the company’s warranty department to handle problems quickly and conveniently.

Free shipping and installation at home within 10km of the inner city of Hanoi: Manh Nguyen has a dedicated team to transport and install TVs. The unit is always flexible in the time of transportation and installation in accordance with customer requirements, committed to on-time delivery, and standard installation of the company’s process.

Free 1-1 renewal for TV products within 7 days: If customers discover errors from the manufacturer from the first 7 days of purchase, Manh Nguyen supports 1-1 renewal for free. Therefore, customers can completely comfortably shop, experience and use products here.

TV products with original stamps and packages are shipped to customers by Manh Nguyen’s staff

Thus, customers can completely own a TV product at Manh Nguyen electronics supermarket at a cost of 30% cheaper than the market, with modern high-end picture and sound quality and still save money. time and effort in the most optimal way.

Currently, Manh Nguyen Electronics supermarket is applying many promotions associated with TV products. Customers wishing to choose to buy, please contact us through:

  • Mobile: 0962.110.828 – 0915.419.216
  • Hotline: 024.6592.1204 – 024.6686.7126
  • Email: sale.manhnguyen@gmail.com
  • Website: https://manhnguyen.com.vn/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/dienmaymanhnguyen/ 
  • Address: No. 22, Alley 64, Lane 49, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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