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Creating a Safe Haven: Designing a Sober Living House for Recovery

If you have completed your rehab, or even went through a detox and learnt new sobriety skills at those centers, you will need a neat place to practice those skills before you move out into your regular life. This is where sober living house come in. These are places where you can rest, and recuperate while getting out of the tiredness of rehab/detox. The sober homes provide a safe haven for people during this transitionary period.

Spacious Places & Rooms

The sober homes are designed like luxury resorts, with individual or shared rooms for people. They are usually located on the outskirts of the cities to cover a large area of land. This is so because the homes accommodate people for months together. During their stay, the participants are provided food, and amenities by the homes, along with all sorts of entertainment options. The spacious places help the participants relax and reconnect with their inner-self.

Proper Lighting & Ventilation is Available

A common misconception about sober homes is that these places are dark & gloomy and filled with people with sad faces. This kind of misconception is what keeps people from enjoying a great stay at these places. The homes are nothing short of three star rooms like in luxury resorts. They have all provisions in them, a quiet corner for you to work, access to libraries, entertainment halls, indoor and outdoor games, swimming pools, café’s and more.

They Are Non-judgemental Places

Another striking feature about the sober houses is the fact that they provide a non-judgemental environment for the participants. All the participants come in there to practice sobriety and they support each other towards a drug free life. Hence, there is no place for anyone to discourage their fellow housemates. You will find a safe haven inside these homes, along with unconditional support and care from the other participants.

Bring Your Family Inside the Center

Some sober homes allow family members and friends to visit the participants too. They can even book a room for their loved ones and stay with them for a while. This helps in the overall positive atmosphere for the participant and helps them recover fast. The family members will be provided with all their requirements, from food to private accommodation.

Recover from Addiction is a Slow But Steady Process

It is important to remember that recovery from a long period of addiction is a slow process. But with a determined mind, and steady progress, you can move towards a sober life. The sober homes provide you with more than accommodation and food. There are several life skill programs that can help you in your future, and there are employment training programs that will help you secure a job after you move out of the home. You can attend them all and improve yourself while recovering from addictions. The sober homes are just places of stay, and not medical institutions. If you require urgent care for any addiction related problems, you will be taken to a nearby hospital.

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