Embarking on a Motorhome Adventure: Unveiling the Charms of Northern Sweden

As we steered our trusty motorhome northwards, the anticipation of exploring Sweden’s northern wilderness was palpable among us. This journey promised a blend of serene landscapes, midnight sun, and the thrill of camping in some of the most picturesque settings Europe has to offer. Our adventure was not just about discovering the untouched beauty of Northern Sweden but also about making our motorhome a cozy, mobile haven with the right gear and accessories. In this post, I’ll share the highlights of our trip, including breathtaking destinations, a memorable fishing stop, and essential tips for summer camping in Northern Sweden. Plus, a shoutout to our pit stop at, where we geared up with some fantastic camping essentials.

Breathtaking Goals to Visit

Abisko National Park: Our first major stop was the Abisko National Park, renowned for its stunning vistas and as a prime location for viewing the Northern Lights. However, during the summer months, it’s the endless daylight and vibrant flora that capture your heart. Hiking trails like the Kungsleden start here, offering paths through mesmerizing landscapes.

The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi: Even in summer, the Icehotel offers a unique experience with its permanent ice and snow structure, ICEHOTEL 365. Exploring its artfully crafted rooms made entirely of ice was a surreal experience, contrasting the warm summer air outside.

Sarek National Park: For the more adventurous families, Sarek National Park offers rugged landscapes with over 100 glaciers and Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise. It’s a remote wilderness that demands respect and preparation but rewards with unparalleled natural beauty.

 A Serene Fishing Stop

Halfway through our journey, we found a tranquil spot by the Torne River, known for its clear waters and abundance of fish. With the midnight sun as our companion, we enjoyed a peaceful evening of fishing, catching enough for a delightful dinner back at our campsite. This experience underscored the simplicity and joy of connecting with nature, a theme that resonated throughout our trip.

Essential Camping Tips for Northern Sweden in Summer

Prepare for the Midnight Sun: The phenomenon of the midnight sun means it never gets completely dark in summer. Eye masks and blackout blinds for your motorhome are essential for a good night’s sleep.

Respect the Right of Public Access: Sweden’s “Allemansrätten” allows you to camp almost anywhere in the countryside, but with great freedom comes responsibility. Always leave no trace, and respect the wildlife and local regulations.

Bug Protection: The beauty of Northern Sweden’s summer is occasionally marred by mosquitoes and midges. Equip yourself with good-quality insect repellent and consider a mosquito net for peaceful evenings outdoors.

Weather Awareness: Even in summer, the weather in Northern Sweden can be unpredictable. Pack layers and waterproof clothing to ensure comfort during your adventures.

Upgrading Our Camping Experience at

On our way north, we stopped at a camping store we’d found online,, to pick up some essentials that would enhance our camping experience. We invested in a Dometic air awning, providing us with much-needed shade and protection from the occasional rain, making our outdoor space more versatile and comfortable.

We also chose a Svenska Tält windscreen, which proved invaluable against the breezy evenings by the lakeside, creating a cozy and protected outdoor area for our family gatherings.

Lastly, we upgraded our seating with some new Outwell camping chairs. Their comfort and durability were unmatched, making every moment spent around the campfire or under the midnight sun even more enjoyable. These additions from significantly enhanced our camping comfort and convenience, making our adventure in Northern Sweden even more memorable.

Conclusion from our trip

Camping in Northern Sweden with our motorhome was an adventure of a lifetime. It offered us a unique blend of tranquility, adventure, and the opportunity to bond as a family in some of earth’s most beautiful natural settings. The right gear and preparation, coupled with a spirit of adventure, made this journey unforgettable. Whether it’s the serene beauty of Abisko, the icy allure of the Icehotel, or the rugged wilderness of Sarek, Northern Sweden has something for every camper. And with the right equipment, like our finds from, you’re set for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience under the midnight sun.

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