Motion Graphic Design for Product Explainer Videos: Conveying Value and Benefits

Product explainer videos are a useful tool in marketing. They merge audio and video to clearly explain the features and benefits of a product, service, concept, or idea. Because they use both visual and aural cues to get their message across, explainer videos make your content and brand more accessible to your audience. 

How do Animated Motion Graphics Contribute to Capturing Audience Attention in Product Explainer Videos?

The dynamic nature of motion graphics is one of the best ways to capture audience attention. It’s been proven! This is because visual information is much easier to digest than written text. That means that people aren’t just attracted to video, but they’re more likely to absorb it too. 

Motion graphics also create a stronger connection than static images or text can. With text the consumer needs to read it and understand it whereas with motion graphics all the information about your product or service is presented to them in a short space of time. This is what makes them so captivating. 

What Role do Motion Graphics Play in Simplifying Complex Product Features and Benefits for Viewers?

Quantum Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Art History. There’s no topic that you can’t explain with an animated product explainer video. One of the biggest benefits of animated explainer videos is that consumers learn much better when they’re enjoying the content at the same time.

Animations help businesses to simplify complex concepts into simple visuals and scenes, and this makes information easier to digest. By including animations, diagrams, and graphics, consumers can quickly understand how a product or service works and understand its benefits without feeling overwhelmed. 

According to Nielsen Norman Group, only 10% of people remember information they’ve heard. But our visual perception is 80% memory and 20% input through the eyes, proving the fact that information-carrying visuals can help businesses communicate with their customers better. 

How Can Motion Graphic Design Convey the Unique Value Proposition of a Product Effectively?

One of the main advantages of using motion graphics within advertising is its ability to bring your product or service to life. By creating narratives where the product or service solves a specific problem, a motion graphics company can show how it can benefit the end user in an engaging and memorable way.

For example, an animated video could show how a new kitchen gadget could simplify meal time, making the process quicker and easier for the customer.

Why are Motion Graphics Important for Creating Engaging Narratives around Product Usage and Benefits?

Good explainer videos have impressive viewer retention rates of over 70%. That means that once people start watching, they’ll usually stick around until the end.

The reason for this is simple. It’s because a good explainer video tells a story to the customer. It follows a simple structure that draws the customer in and takes them on a journey. This makes the content relatable and memorable. The narrative that most explainer videos follow is:

  1. Present the problem – this hooks the customer in by identifying a relatable problem that you’re going to solve. 
  2. Offer your solution – you show how your product or service tackles the issue outlined.
  3. Show how it works – you can now show how your product or service solves the problem.
  4. Provide a call to action – you can show customers how they can buy your product or service.

How do Animated Motion Graphics Cater to Diverse Audience Preferences and Learning Styles?

Marketeers must prioritise accessibility and inclusivity in order to reach a diverse audience. Because animation offers a visually engaging experience and can transcend language barriers, it can cater to a much wider audience than text or static images can. Additionally, by representing a mixture of characters and inclusive scenarios, animated motion graphics creates a sense of representation and inclusivity for everyone watching.

What are the creative possibilities and flexibility offered by motion graphic design in product storytelling?

Explaining complex information is a hard job, especially in medical and financial fields. If you have a product or service that needs to be explained, motion graphics can offer you loads of ways to do that.

Through the use of animation, static imagery, voiceovers, and typography, motion graphics can bring your product or service to life in a way that is both engaging and visually appealing. 

One of the big benefits of motion graphics in product storytelling is how easy it is to illustrate complex concepts in a way that’s easy to understand. Whether it’s showcasing how a new product works, or highlighting a new piece of research, motion graphics can help to break down complex information and present it in a way that is clear and concise. 

Another benefit of motion graphics is their ability to be repurposed for new campaigns, content ideas and topics. Unlike traditional video that would require shooting multiple times, an animation can be used time and time again. 

For example, you can chop a video into smaller sections to target specific social media platforms or consumer demographics interested in your product or service. 

This flexibility can seriously extend your content’s lifecycle meaning that you could save money in the long run.


In today’s content-oriented world, there is no better way to take your brand to the next level than by using motion graphics for your product explainer videos. Motion graphics can be used across platforms to ensure messages are delivered in the right way and target the right demographic. 

Motion graphics aren’t just a trend, they’re one of the best ways of producing content that’s entertaining and visual as well as coherent and sustainable. 

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