Plan Your Learning: How Long Is a CPR Class?

Are you looking to add another qualification to your skillset but don’t have the time? If so, why not consider a CPR class?

It is an incredibly important skill, and the good news is that it doesn’t take long to become qualified – but do you know exactly how long it will take?

Before you plan, read on to discover the answer to the famous question: How long is a CPR class?

Average CPR Class Duration

CPR classes can typically last up to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the course and certifying organization. Of course, the actual class length could be shorter or longer depending on the instructor and the content they plan to cover.

To plan for a CPR class, it is best first to find out which certifying organization will offer the course and what topics will be covered. Additionally, it is helpful to know any prerequisites for taking the class, such as age limits and minimum levels of physical fitness.

Being informed ahead of time can help you plan for the duration of the class and be prepared to absorb all the essential learnings during the session.

Type of CPR Course

Depending on the type of class you’re taking will determine the length of the course. Basic (or BLS) CPR classes typically last around two to three hours, while advanced (or ALS) classes can take up to eight hours.

When deciding on your course, it is important to consider its application. Are you looking to improve your skills for medical personnel, teachers, or even childcare professionals? Knowing the type of course you need will help ensure you can plan an adequate amount of time for learning and certification.

Online vs. In-Person Classes

An in-person CPR class often runs for 3-4 hours and is facilitated by certified individuals, whereas online classes are self-directed and can be completed within one’s own timeline and convenience.

With an online course, you are able to go over the material and perform practice drills at your own pace, while an in-person class focuses heavily on demonstrators and hands-on scenarios so that you can physically perform and receive instruction to apply the skills. If you want to start, you can explore online programs like and get certified.

Crafting Your Certificate Course Schedule

When crafting your certificate course schedule, it’s essential to factor in the length of the class and adjust the schedule accordingly. Most CPR classes cover the most critical life-saving techniques. This may include chest compression and rescue breathing.

Enough time must be allotted to cover these techniques thoroughly. Ensuring time in the schedule for an entire CPR class is critical.

After the class, there will usually also be a practice test and certification exam. Both should be factored into the overall schedule.

So, How Long Is A CPR Class?

A CPR class is a great way to learn how to perform life-saving CPR safely. How long is a CPR class? Classes will vary in length but typically last between 4-6 hours.

By enrolling in a CPR course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to help save a life in an emergency situation. Sign up for a CPR class today and be prepared for any life-saving scenario.

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