Top 4 incredible hidden secrets in GTA 5


Rockstar company simply adores messing up their words with treasure. This article calculates our picks for the top 10 Grand Theft Auto V hidden facts. Every GTA account consists of a lot of hidden secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

For this purpose, we will be positioning and examining what we see as the best-hidden insights and secret little treats that you can discover littered all through GTA V’s world, whether they be an interesting, amusing, freaky, or outright pleasure.

1. Playboy Mansion

Well, the suitably named Richman Chateau over the Los Santos is, for some reason, placed after the original Playboy mansion along the Holmby Hills, which became very remarkable for its luxurious gatherings along with the annoying ladies. The well-known grotto of the mansion is available, just as the jumping parties in which the gamer can go around at night.

Moreover, one of the women even mentioned the name Hef, an actual remark about the original proprietor of the mansion and Playboy owner named ads Hugh Hefner. Although it is undoubtedly not so thrilling or unique as a part of several mysteries, it is still enjoyable to visualize the grounds and go through a night with the rabbits.

2. Madd Dogg and OG Loc

Hello man, it is OG Loc, friend! OG Loc! He told everybody that he would do it and do it. Yes, he did. Well, Jimmy and Franklin both of them have OG Loc CDs, although Franklin even has a gold collection that can be viewed in his house. And Loc has a star over the Vinewood Walk of popularity!

To maintain the “San Andreas” along with OG Loc-themed links, Franklin, along with his star, owns a banner of Madd Dogg, who likewise shows up over the walk. We adored the “San Andreas” and loved some “San Andreas” secret little Easter eggs. To accomplish missions and achieve these rewards, gamers mostly use GTA moded accounts with enhanced features for a fantastic experience.

3. Lifeinvader Page of Niko

One more example of Rockstar Company referring to their past gameplays, an actually fun, barely noticeable, along with the Easter egg, can be discovered in Michael’s house. By searching for Jimmy’s shoulder while he is on the computer, you will see that he is on the LifeInvader page of Niko Bellic.

By seeking carefully, you will see that the page consists of several data like calling Niko as a driver at the Bellic Taxi Administration, the profile of Roman lower than the “family” tab, and a “blissful birthday” text that Niko wrote for him, probably demonstrating that Grand Theft Auto IV’s “revenge” finishing was canon. However, on the other hand, it could simply be a pleasure, a little hidden treat.


In this one, we should give the whole credit to both gamers and the Rockstar Company, Rockstar for involving them and making them mysterious and terrifying, and the gamers for even discovering them in the first position! The commitment by both sides has made the UFOs a hidden threat for ages.

However, there is a submerged underwater UFO that anybody can discover, although original and working UFOs likewise become visible over Mount Chiliad, Sandy Shores, along with Stronghold Zancudo after 100 percent accomplishment, filled with multicolor lights, a terrifying mechanical clamor, along with an exceptionally suspicious FBI logo put over the sides.

Well, if a player is using a GTA 5 modded account, with all the updated mods, the game becomes way easier for him as compared to others. In this way, with advanced features, it will be easy for gamers to achieve these secret treats.

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