Your Guidebook to Bestseller Status from Authors On Mission

Getting a book published is a huge accomplishment – but hitting #1 bestseller status? That’s a massive achievement that can truly change your life. With a #1 bestselling book, new doors open for speaking opportunities, media publicity, attracting higher-paying clients, and establishing yourself as an absolute authority.

The team at Authors On Mission doesn’t just want to help make your dream of publishing a book a reality. They want to guide you step-by-step to hitting that coveted #1 bestseller spot on Amazon and other major retailers. They guarantee it!

This comprehensive guidebook will walk you through Authors On Mission’s proven strategies for launching your book straight to bestseller lists. Get ready to go from aspiring author to #1 bestselling author in practically no time!

Why Aim for #1 Bestseller Status?

Before we dive into the specific tactics, you might be wondering why attaining that #1 bestseller badge is so important. Sure, having a published book period is an awesome accomplishment. But there are some distinct benefits to hitting those #1 bestseller lists:

Massive Credibility Boost: There’s no denying the extra prestige and credibility you instantly gain by being able to legitimately call yourself a #1 bestselling author. It commands respect in a way that elevates you above other authors and experts in your field.

Exponentially More Book Sales: The #1 bestseller ranking alone creates a self-perpetuating cycle drawing tons of new reader interest and book sales. Being that coveted top dog listing makes readers way more likely to purchase your book over the competition.

Greater Visibility and Publicity: Hitting #1 on major bookseller charts like Amazon’s is sure to grab the attention of mainstream media outlets, influencers in your industry, and potential speaking venues. Hello, free publicity for your book!

Attract Higher-Paying Clients: A #1 bestselling book almost instantly positions you as one of the go-to authorities in your particular expertise niche. That means you can command top-dollar rates for your services, coaching programs, speaking fees, and more.

Superior Marketing and Promotion Power: That shiny #1 bestseller stamp is a huge neon sign screaming “This book is a must-read!” When it comes to marketing your book for continued sales, that badge does most of the heavy lifting for you from the start.

While having a published book with your name on it is fantastic, an Amazon #1 bestseller ranking takes things to a whole new level. That’s why the team at Authors On Mission makes certain their clients hit that top spot!

Phase 1: Assemble Your Dream Writing Team

The first phase of becoming a #1 bestselling author with Authors On Mission involves being matched with the perfect writing partner – one they call your “Angel Writer.”

Your Angel Writer is essentially your author’s voice and storytelling capabilities personified in an elite professional writer. They will be hand-picked specifically for your book project based on:

  • Their subject matter expertise aligns with the topic of your book
  • Their communication style and ability to capture your distinct voice
  • Their rapport and compatibility collaborating directly with you
  • Through in-depth interviews and creative sessions together, your Angel Writer will extract all of your key ideas, knowledge, anecdotes, and personal experiences to meticulously craft your full book manuscript from scratch.

The beauty is that you don’t need to be an experienced writer yourself! Your Angel Writer essentially becomes your “author’s voice” to ensure your book idea is conveyed compellingly and published with expert-level writing skills.

Authors On Mission’s team of writers, editors, and publishing professionals will refine every detail of your book throughout this phase until it’s been transformed into a ready-to-publish masterpiece.

Phase 2: Optimizing for Massive Book Sales

While an incredibly well-written book is a strong foundation, Authors On Mission goes several steps further to set you up for making your book an easy #1 bestseller out of the gates.

In this second phase, they conduct extensive market research to pinpoint the most strategic pricing, categories, keywords, and positioning for your book’s upcoming launch. With over a decade of experience and data, they know exactly how to stack the deck in your favor for maximum visibility and sales.

Some of the key pre-launch optimizations they’ll implement for your book include:

  • Setting your book’s price at the maximum impulse-purchase sweet spot of $0.99 to open the floodgates for initial sales
  • Carefully select the exact Amazon categories and keyword indexing where your book will face the least competition and be most discoverable
  • Writing irresistibly clickable book descriptions and calls-to-action that boost conversion rates once the launch begins
  • Designing an attention-grabbing cover and interior layout to make your book look like a professionally-published masterpiece
  • With meticulous preparation like this, Authors On Mission puts all the right levers in place to make hitting #1 bestseller virtually inevitable. Their focus is maximizing those crucial early sales figures that Amazon’s algorithms heavily weigh for all-important bestseller list rankings.

Phase 3: Executing the Viral Bestseller Blast

Now that all the pre-launch pieces are set up perfectly, it’s finally time to kick off your official book launch…with a bang!

This is where Authors On Mission’s extensive experience in publishing over 2,000 bestselling books and nurturing industry connections over many years pays off in a big way.

During your book launch period, their team will implement a series of coordinated marketing efforts akin to setting off a viral tornado. It’s a comprehensive multi-channel promotional blitz designed to ignite word-of-mouth excitement and an influx of book-buying activity, unlike anything you could orchestrate on your own.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the key launch tactics you’ll benefit from:

Coordinating “Book Deal” Promotions: Through longstanding partnerships with dozens of major eBook deal websites and email list communities, Authors On Mission will blast out Featured Deal alerts about your $0.99 eBook launch to their combined audience of over 7 million bargain eBook-loving readers.

Leveraging Influencers: Their team will simultaneously spread the word about your new release through paid sponsorships and cross-promotions with industry influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and more who have direct access to your target book-buying audience.

Soliciting Social Sharing: Friends, peers, colleagues, and fans of yours who are excited about your book launch will be equipped with pre-written social media posts to ignite buzz and authentic word-of-mouth sharing through their networks.

Amazon Publicity Amplification: Beyond making your eBook featured as one of Amazon’s internal Daily Deals, Authors On Mission’s close relationships with Amazon’s internal marketing teams help ensure maximum visibility pushing traffic to your book’s page.

This multi-pronged marketing barrage simultaneously creates an unstoppable momentum fueling a positive feedback loop of visibility, sales, and skyrocketing Amazon rankings in a matter of days (or less!).

With this proven approach fine-tuned over hundreds of launches, Authors On Mission essentially forces their clients’ books into coveted #1 bestseller territory through sheer momentum, promotion saturation, and manufacturing word-of-mouth buzz at scale. It’s a bestseller-making machine!

Phase 4: Ride the Bestseller Wave to Success

With your book having officially hit that #1 bestseller mark on launch day, the next phase is all about extending that success for maximum leverage as a newly minted #1 bestselling author.

Authors On Mission will equip you with tangible assets and documentation to spread the news far and wide about your new #1 bestselling book.

  • #1 Bestseller banners and graphics for your website, email signature, and social media profiles to showcase your achievement
  • Customized press release templates announcing your newly published #1 book for you to distribute
  • A plaque, stickers, and other #1 bestseller branded memorabilia products to celebrate your big achievement

From there, fortified with your new high-level credentials and visibility, so many doors can open up for you, such as:

  • Speaking and guest appearances on podcasts, webinars, conferences, and more to further establish the expertise that drove your bestselling book’s popularity
  • High-profile print, online, TV, and radio media publicity opportunities where being a #1 bestselling author instantly elevates you as a sought-after guest
  • Premium pricing and package upsells for coaching programs, services, courses, and other offers tied to your bestselling book and elevated authority status
  • Partnering and getting featured by other authors, influencers, and brands aligned with your book’s topic to reach new audiences and scale your business growth

Essentially, the #1 bestseller badge Authors On Mission ensures you remove many of the initial barriers and credibility hurdles new authors face when self-publishing their first book.

You’ll be viewed immediately as a recognized expert and success story from the get-go – prime to instantly convert readers into loyal followers, coaching clients, brand partners, and other revenue avenues you can guide them into.

Experience the Authors On Mission Advantage

Hopefully, this behind-the-scenes guidebook has conveyed just how turnkey and straightforward the Authors On Mission process is for becoming a legitimate #1 bestselling published author. Even if you’ve never written a book before, have no existing audience, lack writing skills, or are short on time, their full-service solutions lift all those traditional roadblocks out of the way.

By partnering with your perfect ghostwriter “Angel Author” to craft your manuscript, conducting extensive pre-launch preparations to maximize visibility and sales conversion, unleashing a viral multi-channel marketing blitz for launch day, and equipping you to ride the momentum from #1 bestseller prestige to new business success, Authors On Mission covers every base for you.

The rewarding outcome? Official #1 bestselling author credentials earn you nationwide media exposure, industry authority status, skyrocketing income potential through new coaching/speaking/partnership opportunities, and the deep personal satisfaction of publishing your ideas into a must-read book.

While many aspiring authors resign themselves to seeing their long-held book dreams end up eternally stuck in development purgatory, Authors On Mission provides the golden path to hassle-free transformation into a #1 bestseller in record time.

If you’re ready to skip the struggle of trying to write, publish, and promote your book to bestseller status on your own, simply take advantage of Authors On Mission’s services today. After going through their battle-tested system, you could soon be holding your breathtaking published book as the latest #1 bestselling author!

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