4 Different Styles of Video Production

A successful video embraces the latest technology while conveying the right messages. Different types of Houston video production vendors can inform, educate, entertain, inspire, and captivate particular audiences. Using the correct style of video can positively impact the performance of your content. Here are the different styles of video production:

1. Corporate Videos 

Corporate videos are video content produced for external or internal corporate communication. A corporation or business makes the video for their employees, recruits, target audience, potential employees, clients, or investors.

A corporate video has a particular audience and only targets a select group. Corporate videos can include a video showcasing the company culture for recruitment, training videos for employees, and a video showcasing financial results to stakeholders. 

Corporate video content comes in various forms, such as an effortless animation style, an engaging storyline, the unique sound of a voice-over artist, or a video that breaks down conventions. Every individual, business, and organization is unique. To be creative, you must explore your business and capture all its messages on camera.

2. Commercial Videos 

A commercial video is a form of advertisement placed on social media platforms, TV streaming services, and other digital channels. Houston video production vendors promote a company’s service, product, or mission to attract prospective customers. Commercial videos are high-level and offer a glimpse of the value and earnings of a company.

The goal is to help generate excitement and create an emotional connection with a broader audience. Investing in commercial videos is an excellent way for companies to spread brand awareness. Existing and potential clients can easily be persuaded to buy a service or product by watching a video. These videos also help to build credibility and trust among customers. They may be more likely to share commercial videos than other types of content. 

3. 3D Animation Videos

3D animation videos are exciting, fulfilling, and engaging, providing viewers with a richer experience. These videos have graphics that are sharp and unique. Creating 3D videos involves inserting images, objects, and characters in a three-dimensional space.

You can tweak them to produce a realistic illusion of motion. The purpose of 3D animation is to move characters and objects as realistically as possible in a given scene. 3D animation can easily capture a specific audience’s attention, making it a powerful marketing tool. The videos can be found across marketing, social media, and entertainment platforms.

4. Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos are short films communicating how a service or product works in an engaging way. Many companies host explainer videos on the website’s homepage and landing pages. Some use these videos to advertise their service or product on social media websites.

They are used for marketing to demonstrate the benefits of a service or product to boost sign-ups or sales. They are also ideal for conveying concepts, ideas, or company protocols, such as safety training for educational and informational purposes. 

Find a Houston Video Production Company Today

Choose a Houston video production company that can work with you to design a video that can meet your goals. Find a company offering different video production styles to meet your various needs. They should know what is needed to provide you with high-quality visuals.


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