How much time do I need to perform Umrah?

Firstly, congratulations, you have decided to conduct Umrah and even have chosen Umrah packages. The duration of Umrah must be known to plan properly. The fact that you can complete the Umrah in just three to six hours would astound you. However, staying in Saudi Arabia and completing the Umrah are not the same thing. Thus, consider the entire travel, because you require at least seven days to fulfill Umrah.

What is the duration of Umrah?

A three- to six-hour umrah lasts. It means the Umrah ritual can be finished in as little as six hours, but it’s not that easy. Consider a lot of things when estimating how many days it will take to complete the Umrah. 

Factors impact the duration of the Umrah 

Consider numerous aspects when determining the duration of the Umrah. You can solve your difficulties if you are aware of them and the following variables determine the duration of Umrah:

  • Members of the family; 
  • The time of day; 
  • The season; 
  • Comprehension of the Umrah; 
  • Family members in determining the duration of the Umrah

The most significant aspect influencing the Umrah duration is family. 

If you are a lonely male or a group of young, healthy men, you can complete the Umrah in just three hours. You’ll be energetic, incredibly quick, and brave enough to do the Umrah. 

However, if you are doing the Umrah with your mother, wife, or sisters, or children. You must hold out for them. If you are needed, you have to be slow. 

Likewise, you must include the disabled person in the Umrah ceremony with you if you are conducting it with grandparents or them. 

Your Tawaf around the Kaaba will be more or larger than normal because you must walk on the top floor, even if wheelchairs are accessible for elderly and disabled pilgrims. So first, figure out what time it is, including family members.

  • Hour Of the Day

There is a significant difference in the time of day that the sacred Umrah ritual is performed. The Masjid al-Haraam appears to be a sea of people during rush hour if you choose Ramdan Umrah packages

You can finish your Umrah longer than normal as a result of this. Umrah is most effective in the early hours of the day and evening. There are fewer people during these hours, so you may simply complete your Umrah.

  • Season of the Year

The finest time of year is just as important as the ideal time of day. So, when is the ideal time of year to do the Umrah?

Now is the moment when the country of Saudi Arabia is seeing a minor influx of foreign visitors.

As a citizen of the Kingdom, you enjoy two benefits. If not, think about when Umrah might be the most peaceful and meaningful.

The ideal time to perform Umrah is after the Hajj. Because of the new Umrah schedule planning, the Saudi government typically places a cap on the number of foreign pilgrims during this time.

  • Comprehending Umrah

It may amuse you, but you’ll save a ton of time if you plan for the trip. Understanding Umrah is what is meant by preparation in this setting.

Even when you are accompanying your family, you will save a great deal of time if you are aware of how to complete the Umrah.

It could take some time for people who are performing Umrah for the initial time. It usually takes time for converts to become Muslims since it takes time to learn the fundamentals of Islam.

The benefit is that it will take you less time to perform Umrah the more familiar you are with the procedure.

  • The Number of Days in Umrah

You now understand that you can do the Umrah in just one day. One thing to keep in mind is that a 7-day package is the least for an Umrah.

 The majority of travel companies provide Umrah packages that last at least seven days. So, you have one week to offer other prayers and the Umrah. Four days are spent in Makkah and three days are spent in Madina in a normal seven-day Umrah package.

This indicates that the Umrah pilgrimage takes seven days to complete.

How to select an Umrah package?

Numerous individuals, also referred to as agents, will present you with a range of programs and conduct extensive research before making your decision. Even though you might only require a week there, these agents may give you a 15-day package. Therefore, when you visit them, don’t let them trick you. You have to be ready with every detail in advance. Assess their seven-day Umrah packages and select the one that most closely matches your needs. 


Although Umrah is simple to perform, it might occasionally take a long time. Thus, the person wishing to conduct the Umrah needs to be aware of its duration. Here are the specifics on the duration of the Umrah and how to finish it in five, or seven days.

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