How To Convert a YouTube Video to An MP4

YouTube to MP4 converter is a common need for many internet users today. Converting YouTube to MP4 format allows you to download and save videos locally to watch offline. There are many free online converters available to handle this task.

What Do You Know About Converting a YouTube Video To an MP4?

MP4 is a common video format and takes up less storage space.MP4s can also store high quality HD video. Converting to MP4 makes it easy to store and play YouTube videos after downloading them.

YouTube’s flavor of MP4 videos uses the MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 container format. This holds the compressed audio and video data. When you convert a YouTube video to MP4, you are changing the container format from FLV or WebM to MP4 without re-encoding the audio/video streams. This allows quickly generating an MP4 version of the YouTube video.

Best 5 Converters to Use to Download YouTube Videos

There are many free online tools available to convert and download YouTube videos as MP4 files. Here are 5 top options:


  • This converter has customizable output quality options from 240p to high definition 1080p. It also provides additional conversion settings like codec, bitrate, and sample rate. SSyoutube can extract and download just the audio into MP3 format as well.
  • The tool is very fast at converting videos and lets you queue up multiple ones at a time. It also skips any ads in the YouTube video. Overall, SSyoutube is easy to use while still giving advanced settings for power users.
Fast conversion speedHas ads on site
Quality options up to 1080pRequires Java applet
Extracts MP3 audio



  • ClipConverter is another excellent online tool for downloading YouTube videos as MP4 files. It has an intuitive interface where you simply enter the YouTube URL and select MP4 as the output format.
  • This converter gives you options for different MP4 video quality, from 240p up to 1080p. You can also convert YouTube to MP3 audio only. ClipConverter will detect the available formats for a video and let you pick.
  • The site converts the videos quickly without needing to register. You can convert and download unlimited YouTube videos for free. Overall, ClipConverter offers a fast, ad-free, and easy way to get MP4s from YouTube.
Intuitive and easy interfaceLimited quality options
Fast conversionsNo advanced settings
No need to register


  • VideoProc is a versatile video converter software for Windows and Mac. It can download and convert YouTube to MP4 along with many other video formats.
  • This tool provides extensive conversion options. You can choose output resolutions from 480p up to high quality 4K. It also has video editing features to trim, crop, rotate, watermark and subtitle videos before converting.
  • VideoProc can batch convert multiple videos together. It downloads videos from 1000+ sites besides YouTube. The software converts videos up to 47x faster than real-time speed. Overall, VideoProc is great for power users wanting advanced controls.
Very fast conversion speedsPaid software
Maximum 4K qualityWindows/Mac only
Video editing features


  • As the name suggests, FreeConvert offers a free online service for converting YouTube to MP4. It has a minimal interface where you simply paste the YouTube link and click “Convert” to download the MP4.
  • This tool converts videos quickly without requiring registration or login. You can queue up multiple YouTube videos for batch conversion. It also detects available resolutions and lets you select the MP4 output quality.
  • FreeConvert is easy to use for basic MP4 conversions from YouTube. However, it lacks advanced features and customization options compared to other converters. 
Easy to useNo advanced controls
No login requiredOnly basic quality options
Fast conversionMinimal interface

Any Video Converter

  • Any Video Converter is free software for Windows that can download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 offline. You can paste YouTube links or directly drag and drop videos.
  • This tool gives you full control over customizing the output MP4 quality and compression settings. You can convert videos in batches and playlists. It also lets you edit and tweak the videos before converting them.
  • Any Video Converter works completely offline so your YouTube downloads are saved directly on your PC. Overall, it provides advanced conversion options lacking in online tools.
Full control over output settingsSoftware must be installed
Edit videos before conversionWindows only
Works offlineDated interface

These converters all offer the ability to paste a YouTube link and convert to MP4. They provide options to select the quality and MP4 compression parameters before downloading.

How To Convert a YouTube Video To an MP4?

Step 1: Copy the YouTube Video URL

Go to YouTube and open the video you want to convert. 

Step 2: Go to a Converter Site

Paste the video URL into the input box on an online converting site like the ones mentioned above. Double check that the full YouTube link is entered correctly.

Step 3: Select MP4

Look for the output format options and select MP4 as the desired file type. You can also choose the resolution quality like 720p HD or higher. Some converters have presets like “High” or “Low”.

Step 4: Convert the YouTube Link

Click on “Convert” or “Download” to start the YouTube video to MP4 conversion process. Wait patiently for the conversion to finish. Lengthy videos may take some time.

Step 5:Download the MP4

The conversion countdown hits zero and your MP4 video file is ready! Locate the download button on the converter site, often labeled “Download MP4” or similar. Click this button and save the file wherever you want on your computer.

Step 6: Play the MP4 Video

Open and test that both video and audio converted properly. Enjoy watching the YouTube video without internet!

FAQs about YouTube to MP4

Here are some common questions about downloading YouTube videos as MP4 files:

  • Is converting YouTube videos to MP4 legal? – Yes, it is legal for personal use. You cannot redistribute downloaded videos.
  • Does YouTube lose quality when converted to MP4? – Not if you choose a high output resolution like 1080p or 4K. Match source quality.
  • Can I convert YouTube videos on my mobile? – Yes, there are converter apps for Android and iOS to download YouTube in MP4 offline.
  • Does converting to MP4 download the audio too? – Yes, MP4 saves both the original video and audio streams from YouTube.
  • How long does a YouTube to MP4 conversion take? – It depends on video length and selected output quality. But is usually relatively fast.

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