Techage 4K PoE camera system review

Recently, I stumbled upon a promising PoE camera system brand known as Techage. What immediately caught my attention was its competitive pricing, which stands as a stark contrast to other established brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, and more. In a market dominated by giants, Techage’s affordability provides a compelling reason to explore its offerings. With high hopes for a budget-friendly yet efficient surveillance solution, I embarked on this Techage PoE camera system review to see if it lives up to its promise. In this article, I will delve into its features, performance, and overall value to help you make an informed decision when it comes to securing your home or business. Join me as we unravel the capabilities and potential of the Techage PoE camera system.

Features about Techage 4K POE Camera System

I chose to put Techage’s best-selling 4K PoE camera system with a 3TB hard disk to the test. This comprehensive kit boasts an array of impressive features, making it a standout choice for anyone in need of advanced surveillance capabilities.

4K Resolution with Color Night Vision

At the core of this system is its 4K 8.0MP Ultra High Definition and Color Night Vision. With four times the resolution of standard 1080P cameras, this Ultra HD 4K CMOS Image Sensor allows the camera to capture an abundance of light, leading to improved color reproduction, contrast, and exceptional low-light performance. In 4K resolution, you’ll be able to record every detail with exceptional clarity, thanks to the high pixel count. Additionally, the system lets you digitally zoom in on distant objects without any loss in quality.

Plug and Play

The Techage PoE system is characterized by its stable “Plug and Play” nature. It’s incredibly straightforward to set up and install your home security camera system. Unlike traditional CCTV DVR systems, where video quality can be degraded or disrupted by cables, this PoE system maintains a real 8MP high-definition image through Ethernet cables.

PIR Motion Detection

Moreover, the system features advanced PIR Motion Detection technology, ensuring that you receive instant app push notifications when motion events are detected. In addition to this, the camera remains vigilant with its smart light and sound alarm system, which responds swiftly to any potential threats triggered by human motion events. Equipped with built-in brilliant white lights and a high-pitched siren, this system offers an additional layer of security, providing peace of mind even when you’re asleep.

Person and vehicle detection 

One of the remarkable features that sets the PoE camera system by Techage apart is its advanced support for person and vehicle detection. In today’s fast-paced world, security demands precision, and this system delivers just that. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, it can accurately distinguish between human figures and vehicles, significantly reducing false alarms triggered by other factors like moving shadows or pets. This intelligent detection capability not only enhances the overall efficiency of surveillance but also provides peace of mind to homeowners and businesses alike. 

24/7 recording

One of the standout features of this system is its continuous 24/7 recording capability. You can easily install the hard disk yourself, and users are provided with reliable, round-the-clock recording. The system supports ultra-long continuous recording and backup via USB. The NVR can be configured to either automatically overwrite the oldest internally stored footage or allow you to transfer those video files via USB to a memory stick or external hard drive.

Techage 605GP PoE camera quality

When it comes to the quality of Techage’s 605GP 4K cameras, there are several noteworthy features and considerations:

  • Rugged Build: The cameras are constructed with robust metal, making them ideal for outdoor use, even in challenging weather conditions like rain or snow. They boast an impressive IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring they can withstand the elements.
  • Colorful Night Vision: These cameras offer colorful night vision capabilities when set to full-color day and night mode. This means you can expect vivid, detailed surveillance even in low-light conditions.
  • Daytime Video: While the cameras perform admirably during the day, it’s worth noting that certain parts of the image can be overexposed depending on the position of the sun. For example, cameras facing a bright street may experience some challenges on sunny afternoons. However, the rest of the image remains clear, and people are easily discernible when not in the overly bright areas.
  • Fixed Angle: These cameras do not support pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality, which means the viewing angle is fixed. If you require cameras with adjustable angles, this may not be the ideal choice.
  • Nighttime Motion: At night, motion capture can be somewhat challenging, resulting in a slight blur on fast-moving objects and people. While the cameras perform well in most low-light conditions, this is a consideration for areas with significant activity in the dark.

In summary, Techage’s 605GP 4K cameras offer a robust build, colorful night vision, and good daytime performance. However, users should be aware of the potential for overexposure in certain daylight situations, the lack of PTZ support, and the minor blurring of fast-moving objects at night.

Techage 6708KR PoE NVR features & apps

The Techage 6708KR PoE NVR not only boasts top-notch camera hardware but also comes with a feature-rich suite of apps and software that elevates your surveillance experience. To get started, Techage’s PoE camera system utilizes the Xmeye Pro app and VMS PC software, both of which are available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Setting up these apps is a breeze, thanks to the comprehensive user manual provided.

One standout feature of these apps is the ability to effortlessly toggle between high-quality 4K video and data-friendly low-quality video when viewing live feeds or recordings. This flexibility allows you to manage your data consumption according to your preferences without compromising on the quality of your surveillance footage.

Accessing your recordings is straightforward. A simple tap on the Playback button on any camera page in the app will give you access to your footage. You can conveniently scrub through each day’s recordings or narrow it down to view specific motion events. The app provides an intuitive interface for navigating through your recordings.

Moreover, the Techage PoE camera system offers the capability to customize your motion detection settings and notification preferences. Adjusting your motion zones and notification settings is essential to avoid receiving notifications for every minor movement, such as leaves rustling in the wind or insects at night. To optimize this, you can go to each camera’s settings section and choose the type of notifications you want to receive, such as “person” or “vehicle.” By disabling notifications for “any motion,” you can ensure that you only receive alerts when the camera’s AI identifies a person or vehicle, reducing unnecessary notifications.

In addition, the Xmeye app allows for fine-tuning motion detection sensitivity and object size thresholds, giving you full control over what triggers motion notifications. This level of customization ensures that your surveillance system works efficiently and effectively, providing you with valuable insights while minimizing unnecessary disturbances.

The Techage 6708KR PoE NVR and its accompanying apps offer a user-friendly and feature-packed solution for your surveillance needs. With the ability to manage video quality, access recordings, and fine-tune motion detection, you can tailor your system to suit your specific requirements and maintain a reliable and unobtrusive security setup.


In conclusion, the Techage PoE camera system, featuring the 605GP and the 6708KR PoE NVR, embodies a fusion of robust hardware and user-friendly software, creating a comprehensive surveillance solution. With its person and vehicle detection capabilities, it elevates your security measures, reducing false alarms and enhancing the precision of surveillance. The flexibility to switch between 4K and low-quality video ensures you can manage your data usage without compromising on image quality. Accessing and reviewing recordings is made simple through the intuitive apps and software. And, with customization options for motion detection and notification settings, you can tailor the system to your specific needs.

Techage’s commitment to both quality and user experience sets it apart in the world of PoE camera systems. Whether safeguarding your home or business, the Techage PoE camera system is a reliable and intelligent choice. As technology continues to advance, the demand for seamless and efficient security solutions becomes paramount. Techage rises to this challenge, providing a smart, accessible, and adaptable answer to your surveillance needs. In a world where security is paramount, Techage stands as a beacon of innovation and dependability, ushering in a new era of surveillance excellence.


Can I upgrade NVR and Camera?

Yes. please find the latest firmware, and then go to advance setting, upgrade to select the channel or NVR to upgrade. More information, you can also refer to this article”How To Upgrade The NVR System?”

Can i use other brand with this Security Camera System?

Yes. Techage PoE NVR supports ONVIF which means you add other cameras with this protocol.

Can I use this PoE Camera System on Google browser?

Yes. Please kindly connect your device with the internet, then you can access it via browser.. More information, you can also refer to this article “HOW TO REMOTE VIEW ON WEBSITE FOR SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM?”

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